Introducing e-Go


Key Features

  • full glass cockpit (a large screen that gives you flight instruments, engine monitoring, check lists and navigation) integrated into the e-Go
  • state-of-the-art Wankel rotary engine with very low vibration, ECU and fuel injection
  • integrated ventilation and de-misting system
  • integrated flight simulation system (yes, sit in your e-Go in the hangar and fly!)
  • easily removed wings and canard, and an optional e-Go trailer. No need to pay hangar fees again
  • transition training at e-Go aeroplanes. This includes a briefing on the flight characteristics of the e-Go, supervised transition training on the simulator and monitoring by an instructor for your initial flights
  • ready-to-fly
  • runs on unleaded petrol from the garage forecourt
  • exempt from any annual permit fees