Adrian Hillcoat

Adrian Hillcoat

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Adrian brings extensive experience of technical development and customer support to the role. An aeronautical engineer by training and in his early career, he has more recently operated in the IT sector, focused on high-performance computing in engineering, research and commercial organisations. He has held senior positions with several US IT companies, including most recently Hewlett-Packard and Ab Initio Software. The expertise he brings of defining and developing product for delivery to global customers will help ensure the company’s future success.

Adrian is a private pilot, and has enjoyed flying around the UK and Europe.

Giotto Castelli portrait

Giotto Castelli

Co-founder, Director, Chief Designer

Giotto has a MechEng degree and an MSc in aeronautical engineering from Cranfield. He has applied his skills across Europe and worked on the Pilatus PC-21, Airbus A340, A380 and the Raytheon Horizon. He was leading the team designing the PC-21’s wing after only one year on the project. On the light aircraft side Giotto has worked on the design and approval of two aircraft under the UK’s design regulation codes and consulted on others. Within the teams he has worked with, his roles have often been unusually diverse.

Designing what was his idea of a “nice” aircraft had been a desire for some time. He began sketching out his ideas for an efficient, five-seater light aircraft as a pastime back in 2005 and it was the evolution of this design that has eventually led to the e-Go.

Rob Martin portrait

Rob Martin

Production Manager

Robert is an expert in composite manufacture with significant experience of carbon fibre in production. Previously he supervised a UAV production line at Lola Composites. In his spare time he loves extreme sports, especially skydiving and is now moving on to paramotors. He has also run his own company making specialised surfboards and high-tech helmets from exotic composites.


David Boughey

Sales and Marketing

David has worked in UK and International Sales and Marketing roles for over 28 years. The majority has been in hi-tech and telecommunications sales. He will initially be helping plan the sales and marketing campaign for e-Go aeroplanes in the UK. David is also a professional photographer and a lot of his photographs grace the website and the walls of the e-Go Centre.


Alasdair MacBean


Alasdair is a Mechanical Engineer but also holds a Masters in Aircraft Design from Cranfield University. Previously working on aircraft interior design with B/E Aerospace, Alasdair is our resident musician being proficient on piano, drums and saxophone.


Tianjiao Li


Tianjiao completed her training in Aerospace engineering in Beijing, China and Toulouse, France and has now settled in Cambridge with her husband, who is a researcher in turbo machinery in the University of Cambridge.

Richard Miranda portrait

Richard Miranda

Production team

Richard joined our production team from the USAF having worked in aircraft maintenance around the world. Like all in the production team he is multi-skilled but his speciality is with engine development and Richard has seen the e-Go engine through all its early testing. He is married to a British wife and was based at Mildenhall, maintaining heavy tankers (over 1000 times the weight of an e-Go!).

John Kinser

John Kinser

Production Team

John Kinser is in our production team building the prototype. Apart from the composite skills he has learnt with us, he is very useful with metal and builds many of our welded jigs and fixtures. Originally from Texas, he spent many years leading maintenance teams in the USAF (most recently in East Anglia). John has a British wife and together they have instructed many forms of modern dance to international acclaim.

Stella Bird portrait

Stella Bird

Office Manager

Stella takes on a large number of vital tasks around the office including setting up and running the financial systems and the human resources activities. She works closely with our banks, accounting firms and many suppliers. She ensures the office and workshop area are maintained and inspected as well as being secretary to the Board. A retired doctor, we have occasionally made good use of her past skills as well.

IMG_4626 (1)

David Barden

Production team

David Barden is an Aerospace Engineering MSc graduate from Swansea University, and is a member of the production team, working on composite parts, jigs, and anything else that comes along. David is from Cheshire, and is the proud holder of a microlight PPL.


Keith Dennison

Chief Test Pilot

Keith had an illustrious career in the RAF, including commanding Boscombe Down as Chief Test Pilot, a position that he also later held at BAE Systems. He is a display pilot at the Shuttleworth Collection and he is currently training test pilots in other countries, including China. He has flown everything from a Bleriot to the Hurricane and Eurofighter/Typhoon, beside which the e-Go seems quite conventional. He’s working with John Brownlow and Dodge Bailey on the test programme and many other aspects of the e-Go project.

Malcolm Bird portrait

Malcolm Bird


Malcolm is a serial entrepreneur with a MechEng degree from Imperial College. He was technical director at Acorn Computers and played an instrumental part in the formative years of ARM as a separate company. He led in Europe, bringing the internet to the mobile phone and participating in the highly successful IPO of the company. His experience covers business consulting, company development and venture capital investment. He currently leads the e-Go business as well as supporting the IT network, leading the avionics work and working with the engine test rig.

Malcolm is a keen pilot and flies his Sportcruiser aircraft as well as a Rotorway helicopter that he built from a kit.

Barry Brooks

Barry Brooks

Project Management

Barry is an engineer with many years experience in automotive and aerospace industries working in Computer Aided Engineering Consultancy, Programme Management and Systems Engineering.  He now brings these skills to bear on project planning and tracking at e-Go, helping the team develop the work packages, understand the priorities and track progress.

Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory


Mike is a retired RAF engineering officer, who has been working with e-Go as a volunteer since early 2010, building a wide variety of test pieces, tools, facilities and prototype parts. He part owns a Robin and hopes to return to building his Europa which has been waiting his return from e-Go development!

Tony Bishop portrait

Tony Bishop


Tony has always had a deep interest in aviation; he learned to fly before he could drive a car, and studied aeronautical engineering at Imperial College. His first job was in the Future Projects Office at Hawker Siddeley where he worked on research into vertical takeoff civil airliners and initial airbus studies. After a career in aeronautics and business consulting, Tony decided to get back to hands-on aviation and built a light aircraft together with Giotto Castelli which they still own and fly. Building an aeroplane reawakened Tony’s aeronautical creativity and together with Giotto they entered the SSDR design competition – they won the high-tech class and then decided to build the design which has become the e-Go. Tony shaped the e-Go business over its first five years before retiring from the CEO role at the end of 2012 and from the Board in Nov 2014.

Vic Flintham

Vic Flintham

Director and Volunteer

Vic is a keen private aviator with long experience in personnel management. He regularly flies his own Sportcruiser aircraft and authors many reference books on  post-war military aviation. He was regional personnel director (70,000 staff) for North West Thames Regional Health Authority before forming his own personnel consultancy. He took early retirement in 2001 whereupon he learned to fly. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and we are very pleased to have him chair our remuneration committee amongst many other roles that he tackles for e-Go aeroplanes.